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“FishPlant Limited” is formed by a group of people who care about their environment and food security.

Our Ideas

With environmental protection and food security in mind, we promote aquaponics.

Through education programme to enable people practicing aquaponics at home, and enjoy the pleasure of food production.

Through large scale aquaponics gardening to foster community spirit in the neigbourhood.


How Its Work

Fish excretes ammonia(NH3) through respiration and excretion, ammonia(NH3) is harmful to the fish and not absorbable by the plants. People who keeps fish as pet has to replace the fish water constantly.
The system pumps the ammonia(NH3) rich fish water to the grow bed
The nitrifying bacteria that live in the grow bed will feed on ammonia(NO3) and give off nitrate (NH3) that is plants’ main food.
Plants absorb nitrate, the system will made use of an automatic siphon to pump the purified water back to the fish tank and at the same time bring air(O2) to the plant roots
The result is, you need not watering nor fertilising your vegetables, you need not replacing water nor cleaning up the fish tank, and the food you produced is 100% safe guaranteed.

What We Do

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Experimental Farm Site Office
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FishPlant Limited