Nothing Fashionable with our workshop

Aquaponic is no big deal. With some research in the internet and bold trial out, you are bound to come up with something that works. However, if you meant to make your system one of the permaculture, you have to observe the devil hiding in the details. FishPlant has spent two years to explore, study, experiment and improve. The aquaponic workshops that we deliver are based on verified knowledge and experience. Aquaponic is nothing fashionable, but a way to produce food with environmental protection in mind.
Enrollment Form Please fill in the following details and send it back to us by email or fax along with the copy of your bank-in record. In case of class cancellation, you will receive the refunding cheque within one week after the cancellation notice.
Small Kit, $360. includes PVC stand (set)
LED Stripe Light, $100. (unit)
Please bank in the tuition fee $600 together with the amount of any DIY Kit into our FishPlant Limited bank,
Hong Kong Bank Account 023-297831-838 FishPlant Limited.
Send us the bank transfer reciept to us by email